Gallifrey Burns

Musings of an Older Whovian

Elisabeth O
12 February
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The author of Gallifrey Burns is a former nurse, former Law student, part-time technologist, English and German Philology major, and a wife and mother of three who is currently a Business Recovery Consultant for a large company in the MidWest.

As has been observed with the TARDIS in her “bitey mad lady” form, she occasionally gets confused over tense, foresees snippets of the future, in an emergency snaps orders like a drill sargeant, drives like a madwoman* when the need for urgency arises, and appears to be directionally impaired.

Her interests include, but are by no means limited to, reading classic science-fiction and fantasy novels, tent camping, fossil hunting, rock collection, and cruising. She also enjoys watching “Doctor Who”, “Torchwood”, “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, the entire “Star Trek” movie and television franchise (with perhaps the exception of “Enterprise”), or just anything with the theme of Artificial Intelligence gone mad.

She and her husband have three fine adult sons and a grandchild. They live in a suburb of the Chicago metropolitan, along with a great deal of very sophisticated technology that sometimes survives her paperless installation methodology (i.e., no RTFM necessary) and her inveterate tinkering.

The great Fourth Doctor was her Doctor.

*The author wishes to note that everyone in the Chicagoland area drives like a madman and/or -woman, and that all such claims by friends and family that she drives any differently are unsubstantiated and biased.